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Road atmosphere. Атмосфера дороги. The sound of car open door. Звук открытой двери автомобиля. Throwing a stone in water. Бросок камня в воду. Cat purring. Урчание кошки. Steps along the path. Шаги по тропинке. Water is poured into a glass. Water pours on the floor. Воду наливают в стакан. Вода льётся на пол. Opening and closing the door. Открытие и закрытие двери. Flying bumblebee. Пролетающий шмель. Cyprus church sound. Prayer. Церковь. Кипр. Молитва. The Savior by  IvPem Computations In A Snowstorm by  Scott Buckley Embrace by  Sappheiros The Island by  jantrax Childhood by  Scott Buckley Fading by  Sappheiros Canary Wharf by raja_ffm The Caravan by  Serge Narcissoff. Lie 2 You by  Leonell Cassio ft. Dylan Emmet. Mysterious Guitars by  Twisterium Andromeda by  Serge Narcissoff For Tomorrow by  Savfk The Meaning Of Words by  Savfk Me 4 Me by  Leonell Cassio ft. Julia Mihevc View by  LiQWYD